Wednesday, 27 August 2008

The lapsed loom

Oh dear, another long lapse...

Life events have taken over of late, mainly the two jobs I now do to make ends meet, and general life stuff which takes most of what I've got to give. Still working on attaining that elusive work-life balance so there is room for the creative juices to flow. I am quite accepting that I might have to be patient until things are looking a bit more healthy financially before I can work away more regularly at the loom.

For the time being, I have more or less sacrificed the weaving to make other things happen. Also, I struggle with the thought of sitting alone in a room. I would rather be interacting with other people in a creative space, rather than in isolation.

My friend Robin goes to a regular art group which meets for an art week once a year. I visited him yesterday and felt for the first time in a while like creating. It didn't feel like it would take much to sit there with my loom and play.

So somewhere in the back of my head, these thoughts are simmering away and working themselves out. More later. Thanks for your messages on this site.

PS I have started building the archway in the garden

Image: interacting binaries


Dorothy said...

Hi Steve,

I just found you blog, I'm very interested in tapestry and pleased to find your blog. I don't have time for tapestry weaving as I'm mastering the use of an 8 shaft floor loom at the moment, and, like you, I have two jobs which get in the way of the things I really want to do. Nothing more frustrating that getting to the end of work on Sat. a.m. and being so tired out I go home and sleep!

I hope you can find some time for weaving again soon, I like the look of your work from earlier this year.

Lawrie Shaw said...

Hello again Steve,

Good to see that although there is a hiatus with the actual weaving, you have managed to make time for writing something in your blog, which is all part of the creative process. I guess when the loom calls to you, your hands will be drawn to it with energy anew. looking forward to seing the finnished black and white circle tapestry.

I continue to work on my rainbow coloured sampler, and also some video work


lawrie said...

You are the weaver.
You are the web.
You are the flow,
And you are the ebb

So just you go
With the creative flow.
Weaving your life
Through high and low.

And when you want it,
The loom is there.
Calling to you,
To take your chair.

To sit before
The Magic web,
And let your passions
Flow and ebb

And when the time
Is right you'll find,
Creative thoughts will
Just unwind.

And from your fingers,
Art will flow.
The web complete
Before you know.