Friday, 5 June 2009


Hello again.

Thanks to everyone who has left comments on the last posting. Every so often over the past few months, a new comment from you, waiting for me in my inbox, has reminded me about my creative life and nudged me in the right direction - just what was required!

What can I say about my absence? It's that old work-life balance chestnut again. My natural rhythm seems to be to work creatively in fits and starts. I'm relaxing into that notion

My desire to create also seems to be influenced by the physical space around me. I am a great spreader of things around the room while I am working, and I've felt a bit cooped up. This observation has influenced the decision to repaint my living room (aka my work space) pure white. A new sandy-coloured carpet is about to be laid tonight to complete the transformation. The idea is to create surroundings more conducive to getting 'in the zone'. More on this later.

I have returned my attention to another love - making translucent paper constructions. I am fascinated by the idea of strength, fragility and contained space. It also enables me to work out ideas for 3-D weavings. I'll say more soon, and add photos.