Wednesday, 2 January 2008

One Thread Project: Sample 4

I wove the final sample for this project using a circular warp (which meant that I could loosen the tapestry every so often, pull it round the loom, and tighten it up again). I deliberately restricted myself to only 5 warp ends so that I could weave up quickly and to challenge myself within this limited width. A third of the sample is shown here. Again, I have used warp stained with tea leaves.

Techniques include: plain weave, pick-and-pick, diagonal shapes, blended weft fibres, eccentric weave, knotting, and floating weft vertically up the front of the tapestry.

It is so useful to have physical samples on file. Examining this sample again right now, long after its creation, reminds me of a technique I started playing with while weaving it.

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