Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Hemp 1

I love working with hemp. It has a lovely fibrous feel to it, and works well as a sturdy and neutral base. It tends to be quite springy so I find it easier to work with loose lengths. I sourced my hemp from House of Hemp.

Here I've contrasted it with colours and worked in strips up the warps to break up the surface design, creating vertical slits in the process. These slits could be sewn up, but I've left them open here. Edges, meeting points, and spaces intrigue me.

At the bottom of the sample, you can see the warp thread I used as a heading weft (to space out the warps evenly before I started laying in the weft). The intention was to remove it later once the sample had been cut off the loom, but as often happens I just quite liked it there, so it stayed.

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