Thursday, 22 April 2010

Still drawing

Pleased to report that I'm doing well so far, drawing pretty much every day, here and there. Carrying around a small sketchbook works well - I took it to London with me at the weekend and used it a lot. I've enjoyed the sense of space and time out that occurs during the process of drawing. Having my eyes and hands busy means my thoughts can become quite meditative, float and make connections. After my accident last week, I still feel freed up to draw without judgement. It feels different.

I received my membership card for 'Friends of the Hatton', and it turns out there is a group show coming up in June to which I can submit work. I am going to try to weave something for the May deadline. It would be a good boost to see some of my work on the wall again - its been a while. That's if they accept it. I read the terms and conditions again this morning - textiles are acceptable - so I'll do my best.

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