Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Getting going again

Getting going again is like pulling teeth - aargh! I feel sluggish and out of shape creatively.

I read up on Artists Block online. Essentially the reason is fear of failure and imperfection, and the remedy..? Just get on and do it anyway at regular intervals, and do things that feed your soul inbetween times.

I set a timer for 30 minutes before work this morning, upstairs in my studio (still in boxes and bits) and spent the time mainly drawing, followed by a little bit of organising and unpacking, so it's a start.

The other thing I've just done is to rejoin Friends of the Hatton Gallery, which means I can submit work for a group show in November. It would be good to have something on the wall.


K Spoering said...

I feel the same way, while trying to make myself start doing yoga again regularly! They (whomever 'they' are) say that if you can make yourself do it (whatever 'it' is) 3 times on a regular basis, that is a good enough start to get you going. I did my 3rd yoga session yesterday, and DO feel more inclined to proceed today. So, just 3 times into the studio, and you're on your way!

Steve Bremner said...

Thank K for your encouragement!
I know what you yoga mat hasn't been unrolled in quite some time either. I like your idea of doing something three times to establish a habit. I've drawn about 4 times now..almost on a daily basis. Hope your yoga practice continues to go well :-)

jennyv said...

Hi Steve,
I am in a similar situation. When I first moved into my house the studio was full of boxes, door closed for weeks. I eased my self into the task of setting up the studio (still working on it) by spending at least 5 mins in there each day. I now spend about half an hour on weaving most mornings before work. My challenge now is to continue sorting out the room into a proper workspace. I set my self half an hour each weekend to 'do something' to organise the space. I find small bites into a sometimes overwhelming tasks helps.

Steve Bremner said...

Hi Jenny
Brilliant comment - everything you write is good practical advice. I really like how you began by setting just 5 mins as your daily minimum studio time. That feels like a wise approach to start up with - it takes the pressure off you and means that any other time you then spend in there is a bonus. Like you, I think of pre-work time as my creative time. And I agree...small bites. Thanks for sharing this - I feel encouraged! Steve.