Monday, 8 December 2008

A surprising find

I've started weaving the second circle now. But lapsed. My motivation seems to come and go in fits and starts. I remember from previous weaving experience that sitting down to do it every day - no matter how resistant I felt - paid off dividends. My resistance weakened with each new sitting. It was the regularity and repetition that were the key factors. This year, it has been fits and starts - not the ideal. But better than nothing.

I have just done a little experiment and viewed several of my weavings under UV light. The whole point was to make patterns that glowed.

Strangely, the woven pattern that I thought would be the least effective was the most effective under UV. Fancy that! There is definitely a balance to be struck between black and white to make the design work effectively.

So that has given me fresh energy. Back to the mental drawing board - I'll mull it over while I complete circle 2.

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T Scanlin said...

UV light for viewing the weavings! Wonderful concept... !!