Tuesday, 16 December 2008


Once again, I remember that discipline is the only thing that will allow me to produce weaving. When I was unemployed a couple of years ago, I sat down every morning to weave -my mental resistance to doing so soon surrendered - and as a result I got things done. The weaving started evolving. It takes time to weave - it is not a quick process. So to see results, as Tammye said in an earlier comment, you have to put time into the warps.

I regularly feel there is just no time to weave, but I realise again as I sit here typing that this is just a feeling - not the reality. I can create an hour every day to weave. I can prioritise it. So I'm going to do it - starting right now.

More later.


Jennifer said...

I'm struggling the same with the time - especially at the holidays. Just yesterday I discovered that I schedule time for work, but never for home. Next year I plan to continue the regular small times, but to literally schedule large blocks of time. I'm hoping that will help me when someone asks for my time - I will have that reminder on the calender to increase the strength to say yes to the weaving. Let me know what works for you.

Steve Bremner said...

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for your message.

Putting it on the calendar sounds like a really good way of validating your creativity. I might try doing something similar.

I did my hour weaving today. It was a discipline also to stop and move on to the next task.
If I can keep going with these pockets of time, I think it will help to keep motivation up and focus strong.

Steve Bremner said...

Ps I really wish you the best with your projects for next year - it sounds like it will be all the more successful since you are reflecting now about what will help you do the work you want to do.

Debbie Herd said...

Hi Steve, procrastinating can become an art form of it's own, but it is amazing how much a tapestry can grow even one hour a day. Wishing you a prosperous year of weaving in 2009. Debbie.

J. Austin - said...

I wrote an article about procrastinating for the ATA newsletter a few years back, and I procrastinated about it! There are actually lots of good books on the topic, like Time Management for Dummies for example. I learned a lot in my research. Check your library.

I used to try to get all the chores done first so I could weave without feeling like I should be doing something else, but then I realized that those chores are NEVER all done! So it's better to just weave first. Good luck!

Lindsay said...

I've just stumbling across your blog for the first time and I must say, it's been 14 days and I want to see what you've done since the last photo! If you are like me then you've taken Christmas as an excuse to drop everything and do what you like. I really love the stripey brown/beige tapestry with the cream nobbly bits (so eloquent - I should have been a writer!). I must confess I'm more of a spinner and even that's only been going for 8 months. I've only been weaving for 3 weeks now. But even though I love my job I already find that work gets in the way of my new hobbies! You probably get this all the time but it's so lovely to see someone young doing textiles! Now if you would just move down south and join my guild I would have someone my age to talk to!!

Sue said...

I have problems with consistency or motivation too. Over the summer, one of my weaving buddies told me that she weaves 5 hours a week. But she gets so many projects done.

I decided I'd try scheduling 5 hours a week, and then just make them happen. And it has worked well for me. I usually do 2 2 hour sessions and then 1 quick hour-long session.

Over the holidays, my studio was out of commission, and I was so happy when I could get back there in January.

It seems like resistance really does fade when you come up with a plan that works for you. For me, every day, even for a short time, felt like too much of an obligation, but 3 times a week was manageable.

Good luck finding your way through resistance!!

K Spoering said...

Steve, I just discovered your blog. I'll add your link on my blog, if that's OK with you! Good luck in persevering.
Kathy S

Jennifer said...

I've nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger award. I've enjoyed your tapestries and your process so much I wanted to send others your way!


jennyv said...

Hi to all the weavers out there. I have been an on again off again weaver for probably 20 years. Mostly off. I am determined to stick with it now and have a loom permanently set up al the time. The intention is half an hour a day.... I dont always get to it though;(

mary louise evans said...

Hi, i have recently read 'Time Management - for creative people' an e book by Mark McGuiness http://www.wishfulthinking.co.uk/
I found it really useful although i did only read it two days ago!