Wednesday, 19 November 2008

The loom is looking at me from the corner of the room

still awaiting some attention.

The mad thing is, I know what I want to do, or start doing anyway - it feels like a mixture of stage fright and fear of failure. What if I mess up what I have started?

So what? is the answer. Better to be weaving and making mistakes than not weaving. Time is short as I have three jobs - but I could still find time to do a half hour in the day. I do want to see movement there.
I have re-posted the above picture - this is where I got up to - and is my starting point.


Dave Daniels said...

Steve, that's a beautiful starting point. Keep going. So what if you make a mistake, that's what scissors are for. Or, it could be a design enhancement.
Trying to be encouraging here. I couldn't let something that beautiful just keep staring at me from the corner.

Peg in South Carolina said...

Half-an-hour a day is all you need. I agree with Dave.

Steve Bremner said...

Thank you for such lovely comments, both of you x

gavin fry said...

Stage fright and fear of failure, those are college frighteners for me - hangovers from that pressure some tutors believe quite wrongly that you should overcome. So wrong, I think these natural instinctive doubts if funneled can provide fuel but only if you accept them as part of the making process. You have nothing to loose, keep building matey, Gavin x.

T Scanlin said...

Hi Steve,
My loom is out, too. I'm going to go over to it right now after I make this comment to your blog...and at least put in a few passes today! Sometimes the effort seems impossible, especially when a few days (weeks, months...) have passed between passes. Time, time, time--just have got to put it into the warp, I keep telling myself!

Susan said...

Fear is what keeps many people from achieving their private inner goals.
I know as I hold back from mine!
Fear of failure? We learn so much more from our mistakes and gain much more inner staisfaction when we 'worked' for the end result.

The difficulty is the first step and for you, it's to simply cross the room. Dave is right...go and pick it up...

All the best

J. Austin - said...

It's not just fear of failure, but sometimes fear of success too! Or a combination of both!

I am the most nervous when things are turning out REALLY well, because then I do have something to lose, I worry about ruining it! Maybe that's what's scaring you, because it's a lovely beginning.

It's much easier if you can weave a little every day,it gets harder the longer you're away from it. I wish I would take my own advice about that!

Steve Bremner said...

Hey everyone, thanks for such motivating comments -

it seems that fear and motivation are something many of us have to work through.

I actually woke up this morning, and weaving was one of the first thoughts in my head!!

Thanks for your encouragement.