Tuesday, 25 November 2008

And I did !

I somehow managed to stand on both pairs of my faithful old glasses in the last week and bend them out of shape, rendering them unwearable. Thus, before I could start weaving, I spent an hour fixing, tending and cleaning my glasses - now they have a new lease of life and work better than before. I note the metaphor of getting ready to look.

So I completed the circle finally - after an 8 month lapse.

At this rate, I will be cutting it off the loom in 2020.

It is not perfect (note to self - the world did not end), but it is done.

I was interested in trying to make the circle more like an orb, coming out of the tapestry, floating in space. So I manipulated the weft quite a lot as I was weaving. It is slightly eccentric (ie not completely at right angles to the warp). I might try to use this feature more. One thing I was keen to do when weaving was to convey the shape without giving it a solid outline.

My creativity is a playful and social thing and I very much like to include viewers.

If - dare I say 'when'? -I have an exhibition one day, I would like viewers to leave feeling that it had been an enjoyable and interesting use of their time.

Now I can move on to the next part of the weaving. How exciting - starting something new!

The plan was to make a strip of circles, with different black and white designs. The warp is circular, allowing me to pull it round the frame as I go. I enjoy the idea of free will within a contained space, which is why I am working with clearly defined circles. What goes in them, I don't know yet.

I would like to weave text soon - something brand new to me.

Thanks again for all your encouragement - it really has made a big difference x


Valerie said...

The circle looks great! When you mentioned weaving text, I wondered if you've seen Michael Cook's work in cardweaving?

Peg in South Carolina said...

That is elegant, elegant in the best sense of the word. Achieving elegance is not easy. No wonder you got so panicky about it. I'm very glad you pushed through.

Seth said...

Beautiful....was zapped..nice to know a talented artist like you

T Scanlin said...

This looks very good and the idea of a series that you experiment with all on the same warp--a circular warp, at that--is a wonderful idea. I'll be returning to see the next thing that grows on this beautiful start!

Lawrie said...

Well done Stev, I am delighted to see tangible progess.

I am wondering what it will look like in Ultra violet light.