Tuesday, 1 January 2008

What is Tapestry Weaving?

  • Traditional tapestry is a fabric constructed by hand using a weft-faced weave.

  • This means the weft (the horizontal threads) completely covers the warp (the vertical threads held taut on a sturdy frame) to create a smooth flat surface.

  • The basic technique is plain weave which simply means that the weft passes over one warp and under the next.

  • [There are many additional techniques which can be used to create pictorial, textural and structural effects.]

  • Tapestry has a long history throughout many countries of the world. Remnants found in Egypt indicate that tapestries were woven as early as 3000 BC.

  • Regardless of where or when tapestries were woven, or what type of loom was used, the techniques were very similar and have remained basically unchanged throughout history.

Source: Nancy Harvey, Tapestry Weaving, adapted

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