Monday, 24 March 2008


Winding fibres into uniform balls
removing the distractions of cardboard tubes, cones and labels
I can view the colours in their purest form
they belong to me now, welcomed into my family

The fibres are more accessible:
of similar size and format
they are easier to move around
I see them in a different light

The colours can be compared,
the fibres contrasted -
constructed into balls, their look is transformed
they are their own mini works of art

Winding them teaches me about their nature,
giving insights into the qualities of their weave
I learn which fibres hold structure easily, and which don’t
all good information about their textural potential

The rhythm and routine of the winding process is good medicine
the slow methodical pace
determined by my hands
helps to unpack my head, my weavers block

overwhelmed with ideas -
can't process them fast enough.
crammed into my head,
they are bottlenecked, logjammed

Winding is good medicine
it allows my head to gradually settle
I stop struggling and respect the pace
things trickle out in their own time

Winding time is quiet time
private, untangling time. healing time
later, the creative part of me will be free to fly
and later still, woven tapestries will be the tangible and public part of my process

Weaving is my form of spiritual practice
when I engage with it
all else falls away
somehow, I find the way to be here in this moment

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