Monday, 18 February 2008

A magical process

There is a parallel that runs between blogging and weaving. They are both chronological sequences of events.

Sitting down, ready to start weaving, with a sense of anticipation about what might happen at the loom today. This sample is evolving organically. Patterns are emerging and developing as the tapestry grows. Tuning in ever more subtly to the ways of weaving is a magical process.

I like this simple palette of black, white, and earthy colours. The white knobbly markings make me think of teeth, vertebrae, or stones laid out in a pattern on the earth. Remembering to step back from the loom every so often is important. It often looks different up close to the overall effect when viewed from a distance.

Knotting, wrapping and whipping techniques are helping to firm up the softer wefts. I’m whipping on top of strong foundation wefts such as hemp, so that the different fibres stay separate rather than bleeding together. The more subtle background colour base is working well with the foreground contrasts. I’ve been weaving with single colour wefts on this sample rather than blending wefts together on the same bobbin.

For the next tapestry I might use a circular warp to help with posture as it enable me to keep pulling the tapestry around the frame and therefore work continuously at the same height. I find it better to sit above the weaving level, so that I don’t have to lift my arms up to weave. It should always be as relaxed a posture as possible.

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