Tuesday, 5 February 2008


Finding the right balance of colours, weft materials, and surface textures in each piece is an ongoing challenge. Today I was reminded - again - that it takes patience to find out what each material can do.

The only real way to gather this information is to put in the weaving hours. In doing so, I am gradually beginning to take note of the different characteristics of these materials, whether they combine well or not, and making adjustments as appropriate.

Perseverance is beginning to pay off. After an unsatisfying start, this piece has began to take shape and find its way. I am particularly interested in three areas: the nodule-like texture that is coming into the white lines; the dynamic between the horizontals and verticals; the mixture of bold foreground colour and quieter background colours.

(jute, sizel, rug wool, hemp, mercerized cotton)

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